Trouble Sleeping, Et al. Gallery, San Francisco, 2015

He drew his papers towards him. But he worked badly; or, rather, he did not work at all. The square outside had its own noises, frequent and new, and Oleron could only hope that he would speedily become accustomed to these. First came hawkers, with their carts and cries; at midday the children, returning from school, trooped into the square and swung on Oleron's gate; and when the children had departed again for afternoon school, an itinerant musician with a mandoline posted himself beneath Oleron's window and began to strum. This was a not unpleasant distraction, and Oleron, pushing up his window, threw the man a penny. Then he returned to his table again . . .

But it was no good. He came to himself, at long intervals, to find that he had been looking about his room and wondering how it had formerly been furnished—whether a settee in buttercup or petunia satin had stood under the farther window, whether from the centre moulding of the light lofty ceiling had depended a glimmering crystal chandelier, or where the tambour-frame or the picquet-table had stood . . . No, it was no good; he had far better be frankly doing nothing than getting fruitlessly tired; and he decided that he would take a walk, but, chancing to sit down for a moment, dozed in his chair instead.

"This won't do," he yawned when he awoke at half-past four in the afternoon; "I must do better than this tomorrow—"

And he felt so deliciously lazy that for some minutes he even contemplated the breach of an appointment he had for the evening.

 - Oliver Onions, “The Beckoning Fair One”

week one

  Trouble Sleeping  week one
  Notes on an Imaging System , 2015
  Residue 001 (Streaks) , 2015
  Image Search Study 2015-01-04 @ 1:37:36 pm , 2015
  Omission , 2015

week two

  Trouble Sleeping  week two
  Residue 002 (Family Portrait) , 2015
  Ellipticals , 2015. Duratrans on Plexiglas; commercial light box, 25 x 31 x 4 inches
  Page from an Imaginary Book Inserted into a Real Book at a Point Where Other Pages Have Been Removed (Green Mansions/Les Fontaines de Sommeil) , 2015

week three

  Trouble Sleeping  week three
  Untitled Montage , 2015
  Every Picture Tells a Story , 2015
  Trouble in the Interior, Part 3 (Evil Dead remake) , 2015
  Image Search Study 2015-01-11 @ 11:19:08 pm , 2015

week four

  Trouble Sleeping  week four
  Page from an Imaginary Book Inserted into a Real Book (The Fountain/The Visit) , 2015
  Montage Sequence (Texas Chainsaw 3D) , 2015
  Image Search Study 2014-12-03 @ 11:48:17 pm , 2015
  Triple Vision , 2015

week five

  Trouble Sleeping  week five
  Trouble in the Interior, Part 4 (Sinister) , 2015
  Image Search Study 2015-01-03 @ 8:42:54 pm , 2015
  Page from an Imaginary Book Inserted into a Real Book (Stories by Foreign Authors/Collected Tales of Asenath Howard) , 2015